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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Meet Neota and Fix Your Life!

I am Neota and I have been helping people heal their lives with Clinical Hypnotherapy since May, 2015.  I myself, am an ongoing work in progress.  I am continually working on becoming a better person and creating a better world, one day at a time.

In the year of 2000, my marriage ended and I was introduced to Louise Hay's book, You can Heal Your Life.  And then, because of that, my life changed.  .

I had spent the first 30 years of my life living in misery and negativity and creating negative relationships.  I believed that I was rubbish and I created a rubbish life.  I constantly felt shame and created more and more situations to perpetuate that feeling.  I was unsuccessful, broke, and unlovable.  It was not until I began to change my inner beliefs that everything in my life began to change. I had no idea that thinking positive can create a positive life but I was able to completely turn my life around just by turning my thinking around. I was introduced to the Law of Attraction without the explanation of the Law of Attraction.

The Universe is in constant communication with your energy.  The energy of your inner beliefs is placing your order for your life.  When everything is going right and you are happy and healthy, it is the Universe's response to a high energy.  When everything is going wrong, you are living with low energy and creating negative experiences.  Your deepest inner beliefs about yourself create the circumstances of your life.

Your belief  in the Law of Attraction is irrelevant, just as your belief in the Law of Gravity does not effect it's existence.  The absolute truth is that high energy and positive self love results in pro-sequences and low energy and a lack of self love results in con-sequences.

It was not until many years later that it occurred to me that the power or Hypnosis, combined with the Law of Attraction (Louise Hay style) would change lives in a remarkably fast way.  I went to school at the Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts and Sciences and became a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  And now I can create almost miraculous results for my clients.

Your subconscious mind is creating your entire life and everything that happens in it.  Therefore, your subconscious mind can fix any problems in your life.

Your health, your relationships, your success, and every other aspect of your life can be fixed by using Hypnotherapy.


  1. Hypnotherapy: highly efficient for fears and pains
    A number of scientific studies prove the specific functioning and effectiveness of hypnotherapy - it has long ceased to be “exotic”.

    Physical complaints, dental treatment, obstetrics as well as pre- and post-operative treatment - are among the most common areas of application for hypnotherapy. But even with pain, anxiety and mild depression, the use of hypnosis is considered to be highly efficient. This is proven by numerous scientific studies.

    Hypnosis is suitable for the treatment of anxiety
    Under hypnosis, the excitability of certain brain regions is switched off or on in isolation. This spot activation, for example blocking the circumscribed areas of the brain responsible for the sensation of pain, explains that even surgical interventions and dental treatment can be carried out without anesthetic under hypnosis. At this year's MEG conference for clinical hypnosis in mid-March in Bad Kissingen, it was shown that gastroscopy under hypnosis had a 19 percent shorter examination time. 61 percent of the patients felt less gagging and the examination was more pleasant overall. In facial surgery it was even possible to treat patients with large tumors in the face and head area who otherwise would not be able to be operated on under age-old general anesthesia, website

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