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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety serves no purpose in life.

Fear is a primal emotion and it has a purpose, it is present to protect us from danger.  Anxiety is only present to steal life experiences and joy.

Most people do experience anxiety at one time or another in their lives.  Some people experience low levels of anxiety regularly. My Great Grandmother was a "nervous passenger" but was fully comfortable in social settings. A childhood friend's mother was a "nervous" person and was terribly uncomfortable in crowds.  But they were both able to manage their feelings and cope in situations, even while out of their comfort zones. However, many people are unable to manage their anxiety. It can be debilitating, joy stealing, and life ruining.

Anxiety is usually the result of an early life experience of having no control within a situation.  That initial event plants the seed of negative feelings and introduces the concept that things can occur that the person cannot control. This can lead to the person seeking out the level of control they have in other situations and even to begin creating events and moments that will "prove" to them that they have a lack of control. This results in increasing levels of anxiety. Increasing levels of anxiety on a more consistent basis can become exhausting and develop into depression.

Depression can also be created by an early life perception of a lack of power or a powerless event that can happen at any time in your life.

Humans are beings of "feelings" which is why a conscious, rational thought process cannot over-ride the feelings that are playing in the subconscious mind. In Hypnotherapy, we change the feeling and change the effect of that feeling. Every feeling is created as a result of a perception of any situation or words. We can reassign the control and power of any situation in Hypnosis. One of the fantastic things about the subconscious mind is that it is very receptive to changing negatives into positives. Enormous changes can be made in very few sessions.

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