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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hypnotherapy Sessions - Expectations

Hypnosis, or trance, is a natural state.  Most people are in and out of Hypnosis every day without ever clucking like a chicken or humiliating themselves.  Any time that there is an absence of awareness of time, you are in trance.

Hypnosis is scientifically measurable by the slowing of brainwaves.  It works to make changes because your conscious mind steps out of the way and allows access to your subconscious mind, which is where all of your personality is stored.  Your conscious mind stays fully aware of everything that is happening and every though you have but it stops being the main participant in the conversation.

The only mind control that occurs is the enhanced control that you have over your own mind.

Hypnosis can happen anywhere, sitting or standing, eyes open or closed, extreme quiet or in the midst of chaos and noise.  I prefer an old fashioned style of induction -  reclined, focused, and relaxed while I bore you into a state of being almost asleep. It is fantastically effective and it is deliciously peaceful. Side effects to each session may include inner peace, prolonged calmness, deep and effective sleep, balanced spirit, focused mind, and pain relief.

I perform different types of session depending on needs and outcomes and the client.

a)  Direct Suggestion - I tweak your subconscious by implanting new and freeing ideas and beliefs while removing limiting ones.

b) Regression - In trance, I can ask your subconscious why it has created the behaviour or illness it has.  Once we know why, we can then make the necessary changes.  These sessions are transformational and will provide insight into early life perceptions.  The actual details of the place we regress to and how we reframe it are not nearly as important as how you feel throughout the whole session. Having you feel healed (powerful, important, loved, safe, etc.), results in a healed life.

c)  Energy Work - The subconscious mind is terrific instruction follower.  During trance I can realign chakras, raise the energy level to a positive state to manifest positivity, or use holistic energy to clear chronic pain by releasing the underlying emotion.


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