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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Weight Loss by Trance

Weight Loss by Trance
Thursday, July 26, 2018
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There are 18 accepted reasons for obesity and 16 of those reasons are psychosomatic. Which means that the overwhelming majority of weight issues are healed by changing your mind.

The main reasons for maintaining a healthy weight is because you cannot be healthy when you are over or under weight. The design of your body is to operate at maximum efficiency and ease while you have the optimum BMI (Body Mass Index). When weight is outside of the healthy range, the body has to work harder to complete all of its biological functions. While using unnecessary energy to function, the body has limited resources to prevent or overcome illness or dis-ease.

Consider the analogy of the human body operating similar to a motor vehicle. A vehicle has an accepted maximum load weight that can be handled by its body. When that load limit is exceeded, the vehicle is put under additional strain and begins to wear and break. Parts wear out sooner or explode under the pressure. Every aspect of the vehicle will be negatively effected to the point of disrepair and unreliability in function and control.
And guess what? Looking fabulous will not make one bit of difference to the outcome. Even the most beautiful vehicle in the world will not have the strength to maintain the additional burden of weight to live long. The exact same reality applies to the human body.
Cancer does not care if you look gorgeous.
Diabetes and Heart Disease are completely unbiased by aesthetically pleasing arguments.
Knees, hips, feet, etc. are not able to carry additional weight without strain and wear. Skin, the organ that is designed to protect the body from bugs and bacteria, is stressed by being stretched thinner than necessary.

The truth is that when you love something, you do everything you can to take care of it. When self love is strong and healthy, it encourages healthy limits and habits.

Hypnotherapy can improve self love to encourage a belief of self care. The root cause of the problem can be located and changed from negative to positive. Motivation and self control can be increased.

Hypnotherapy can help people overcome obesity and maintain healthy weight.