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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Why Hypnotherapy? Because stormy lives are the result of a stormy Subconscious

Our personalities are almost completely created prior to our 5th birthdays.  We are born as a clean slate and our subconscious minds are wide open to be filled and created, which happens without interruption until we are somewhere between five and eight years old.  [there are variables in unique situations - this explanation applies to the majority of people]

As we are exposed to different experiences and situations in our early life, we develop perceptions about ourselves and the world that we store in our Subconscious Minds as fact.  Once we have these set beliefs, we begin to emit frequencies to the Universe to supply life situations to confirm those beliefs over and over and over, in self fulfilling prophesies.  Each situation that works as a confirmation to our beliefs solidifies that belief into our subconscious, and deepening the frequency, recreating more situations ... and so on ... and so on ... and so on ... 

The early life events that are healthy and happy create aspects in our personalities that are successful and whole and complete.  Early life traumas will create beliefs that are limiting and harmful and unhealthy.  That is why some people are wildly successful in most areas of their lives but will have a peculiarity that is surprising and considered "out of character."  The more tumultuous a childhood, the more unhealthy beliefs and habits are created, naturally.  

*It is also important to note that early life trauma can be anything from abuse and neglect to any disappointment or embarrassing situation to a child that is over tired or hungry.  Our beliefs are built by our young perceptions of our lives - and most kids are not in a position to be perceiving anything with context!  

Our subconscious minds are ALWAYS motivated to take care of us.  Even when they develop unhealthy behaviours, the reason for the behaviour is something loving and supportive.  

In Hypnosis, we can regress back to the reason (root cause) of the habit or behaviour that you want to change and make the changes.  By returning to the initial sensitizing event, we can reframe it to the way it should have played out.  Changing the way you feel about an event releases the negative effects of it.  We can take your story and make it just a story that you know by removing the emotional attachment to it.

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